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Photo of Gribkova, Nadezhda

Nadezhda Gribkova

MA, 2021: Soviet and Contemporary Russian Art


Nadezhda Gribkova is a former doctoral student at the Department of Art History studying Soviet and contemporary Russian art. While at UIC she completed an MA thesis examined the early works of Soviet conceptual performance group Collective Actions (founded in 1976) and investigated its uniquely aesthetic and social approach to the motif of emptiness, which permeated works of conceptual art in both the Soviet Union and the West.

Her academic interests include Russian Modernism and European Avant Garde, unofficial art and literary practices in the late Soviet Union, Russian-American cultural exchanges, performance, conceptual and blockchain art.

She is currently a doctoral student in the Slavic Languages and Literatures program at the University of Chicago.

Selected Publications

“Out of Nowhere: Emptiness and Aesthetic Feeling in the Works of Collective Actions,” Athanor vol. 39 (November 2022): 1–18.

“New Financial Totality: Beeple’s EVERYDAYS and The Postmodern Economy of Mistrust. Part 2: EVERYDAYS and the Paper Trompe l’Oeil,” Plot Online, 08/30/22.

“New Financial Totality: Beeple’s EVERYDAYS and The Postmodern Economy of Mistrust. Part 1: Blockchain and the Postmodern Design,” Plot Online, 08/25/22.

“What is The Universal Modernist Form?” with Julia Vaingurt in Ab Imperio 2021, no. 4 (2021): 121-135. doi:10.1353/imp.2021.0090.

“Edward Krasiński: Studio as Site of the Universal,” SEQUITUR (Volume 7, Issue 1), 2021.

“Dangerous Women of Soviet Education Posters: Representation of Venereal Diseases in USSR,” University of Rochester Journal of Undergraduate Research, Fall 2016.


BA Art History, University of Rochester
BA English, University of Rochester