I am grateful to the men and women who create books, and I forgive the men and women who make books necessary.

Voice at a Quaker meeting  |  Peterborough, New Hampshire

Yasmine Espert joins AH as a Bridge-to-Faculty Postdoc!

The Department of Art History is delighted to welcome Yasmine Espert to UIC. Yasmine’s research interests include the Caribbean and its diaspora. Her publications on film, photography, and the African diaspora are ‘Blood, Fire and Interiority in Horace Ové’s Pressure’ (Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art), ‘Can Photography Be Decolonial?’ (Public Books), and “Listening to Revolution” (Artpress). Her first book project is under contract at Duke University Press. With the support of Small Axe: A Caribbean Platform for Criticism, she curated made vulnerable – an online exhibition for sx visualities. She received a doctorate in art history from Columbia University.

Catherine Becker  |  Chair of Art History

Emmanuel Ortega joins Art History in a new role as Assistant Professor!

Dr. Emmanuel Ortega, respected scholar, teacher, and mentor in the Department of Art History for the past three years, has accepted an offer of a tenure-track position in the department. He is now Assistant Professor of Art History at UIC! He will also retain the title of the Marilynn Thoma Scholar in the Art of the Spanish Americas, which was established after a generous donation by the Thoma Foundation last year. Congratulations, Emmanuel! We are thrilled!

Catherine Becker  |  Chair of Art History

Prof. Ömür Harmanşah and colleagues awarded $175,000 for Illinois Rivers Project!

Profs. Ömür Harmanşah and Beate Giessler (co-Pi’s) in collaboration with Rachel Havrelock (UIC) and Anne-Marie Hanson (UIS) have been awarded $175,000 to study American Plumbing: The Canals, Rivers, and Communities that Bridge North and South – Illinois Rivers Project! With plans to host a series of events along Illinois’ rivers, this project is designed to increase knowledge about the state’s waterways and bring new voices to issues related to the environment and climate change. The five planned events will showcase local culture and open dialogues about water that allow experts from the U of I System to both teach and learn from the public. Working with partners, project leaders also plan to author stories, record knowledge and design interactive digital features – including an Illinois rivers website – that will later be featured in a series of public events.

Catherine Becker  |  Chair of Art History

Why Study Art History at UIC?

  • What is Art History?

    Art History is the critical inquiry into the ways people have reimagined their worlds through painting and sculpture, architecture, photography, film, performance, and design. More than anything else, it is a history of creativity. Students with the capacity to think critically and creatively about how visual forms communicate across cultures will be prepared for our increasingly global, complex, and image-saturated world.

  • Art History at UIC

    UIC Art History introduces students to works of art, architecture and design that have changed the course of history. Classes cover all historical periods and most of the world’s cultures. Students are trained in the fundamentals of critical thinking, historical analysis, visual literacy, and theoretical understanding. These are skills that are evermore important in our evermore visually mediated world.

  • Art History in Chicago

    Chicago’s vibrant and turbulent history, its outstanding art and architecture, its acclaimed community of scholars, and its richly endowed museums and libraries offer an exceptional setting for the study of art, culture and the urban environment. UIC’s own cutting-edge Gallery 400 and dynamic Jane Addams Hull-House Museum offer hands-on opportunities for students to work with leading arts and cultural institutions.

  • Careers in Art History

    In addition to going on to successful careers in education and museums, graduates work in advertising, arts administration, business, conservation, education, historic preservation, journalism, law, medicine, publishing, and libraries. As more and more jobs are taken by machines, the core skills of critical thinking, visual literacy and intercultural communication are evermore fundamental for most careers.

Support UIC Art History

  • The Peter Bacon Hales Scholarship Fund, in support of graduate students of Art History engaged in the interdisciplinary study of American culture, construed broadly.
  • The Ross Edman Fund, for scholarships for the benefit of students in Art History.
  • The David Sokol Fund, supporting the study of American Art.
  • The Circle Professorship Fund, supporting Art History scholarship.
  • The Art History Annual Fund, supporting the Department of Art History.
  • Or, start the YOUR NAME HERE Fund, supporting Art History according to your vision!
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