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UIC @ CAA: 18 members of UIC’s Department of Art History will be participating in the College Art Association’s 108th Annual Conference in Chicago

Numerous members of UIC's Department of Art History will be participating in the College Art Association's 108th Annual Conference in Chicago, February 12–15, 2020. All events take place at the Hilton Chicago (720 S. Michigan Avenue).

Download a PDF of this schedule here.

Wed. 2/12

Re-Working Labor: Art, Work, and Working Art (3rd Floor, Joliet Room)
Deanna Ledezma (PhD Candidate), “We Eat All the Way Down to the Green: Agricultural Labor and Latinx Family Histories”

Revisiting the Living Legacy of Hull-House Settlement’s Foundation in the Visual Arts (Lower Level, Salon C-5)
David M. Sokol (Prof. Emeritus), “Painting and Fine Arts in Hull House’s Middle-Years: The Representation of Cultural Diversity & Social Justice”

Architecture from the “Outside” (8th Floor, Lake Ontario)
Sarah Rogers Morris (PhD Student), “Lights, Camera, Architecture: Hedrich Blessing and the Production of Immaterial Structure”

Thurs. 2/13

Carolee Schneemann’s Art and Legacy: New Perspective (Lobby Level, Continental A)
Elise Archias (Associate Prof.), “Pierre Dominique Gaisseau’s Failure to Primitivize Meat Joy”

“New Perspectives in Black Art”—Excavating the Black Arts Movement (3rd Floor, Waldorf Room)
Marissa Baker (PhD Candidate), “Murals for the People: Art, Community, and Black Liberation in Chicago ca. 1967”

The Legacy of Jack Burnham on Video Game Art and Emerging New Media (8th Floor, Lake Ontario)
Tiffany Funk (PhD, 2016), co-chair

Roundtable: What’s Next? Long-Term Career Planning (Lower Level, Mobley Room)
Julian Adoff (PhD Student), panelist

The Challenge of Mobile Images/Objects in Mesoamerica (Lower Level, Salon C-1)
Andrew Finegold (Assistant Prof.), discussant

Recursion, Reflexivity, and Self-Referentiality in Ancient American Art (Lower Level, Salon C-1)
Andrew Finegold (Assistant Prof.), co-chair

Fri. 2/14

Altered Terrains: Landscapes of Colonial America (Lower Level, Salon C-5)
Emmanuel Ortega (Visiting Assistant Prof.), “The Mexican Picturesque: Nineteenth-Century Sentimentality and the Visual Construction of the Nation” and co-chair

Expanding the Canon: Curatorial and Art Historical Activism (Lobby Level, Continental C)
Lorelei M. Stewart (Director, Gallery 400), “Committing to Disability History, Culture, and Aesthetics”

Learning from Audience: Empowering Student Voice in Academic Museums (3rd Floor, Joliet Room)
Lorelei M. Stewart (Director, Gallery 400), panelist

Workshop: Professional Writing Skills for Undergrads (Lower Level, Mobley Room)
Julian Adoff (PhD Student), panelist

“Only a Closed Book”: Monolingualism and Contemporary Art in the Middle East and North Africa (3rd Floor, Astoria Room)
Leili Adibfar (PhD Candidate), “Ali Shariati: Islam, Modernity, and the Complicated Aesthetic of the Iranian Revolution”

Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory at 50 (3rd Floor, Private Dining Room 2)
Nicoletta G. Rousseva (PhD Candidate), “Adorno after Socialism”

Framing Black Paintings: Histories and Legacies in the American 20th Century (3rd Floor, Williford A)
Becky Bivens (PhD Candidate) and Mika Turim-Nygren, “Black and White in Willem de Kooning’s ‘Light in August’”

Latinx Archives: Art, Counterhistories, and Critical Speculation (8th Floor, Lake Huron)
Deanna Ledezma (PhD Candidate), co-chair

Sat. 2/15

Beyond the Frame: Women, Technology, and Intermedia Visual Arts (3rd Floor, Marquette)
Hannah Higgins (Professor), co-chair and discussant

Democracy and Disruption: Systems Theory and Conceptual Art in the Long 1960s (3rd Floor, Astoria Room)
Kaveh Rafie (PhD Candidate), “Who Is in Charge?: Stafford Beer’s Cybernetic Democracy and the Paradox of Control”

Race Beyond the Human Body in the Long Eighteenth Century (3rd Floor, Joliet Room)
Deepthi Murali (PhD Candidate), “The Whiteness Aesthetic and Caste Implications of Ivory Art of South India”

Material Translations in the Art of South Asia (3rd Floor, Williford B)
Catherine Becker (Associate Prof.), chair
Karen Greenwalt (PhD Candidate), “Translating and Transforming Mughal History”