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Nadia Gribkova has published a 2-part essay, “New Financial Totality: Beeple’s Everydays”

Beeple's Everydays



PhD Student Nadia Gribkova has had a two-part essay titled "New Financial Totality: Beeple's Everydays" published on From her introduction:

[S]ituating EVERYDAYS art historically may provide a contextual and formal understanding of the fiscal development we are witnessing. To better appreciate the work’s aesthetic qualities and art historical lineage, this two-part text invites the reader to follow a bifurcating line of inquiry. The first part of the essay outlines the structural relationship between the Blockchain infrastructure that underpins EVERYDAYS echoing in its aesthetic, and the formal specificities of the postmodern architecture exemplified by the 1970’s Bonaventure hotel, as described by the American theoretician and literary critic Fredric Jameson. The second part focuses on The First 5000 Days in the context of the emergence of cryptocurrency as a doubt-riddled alternative to fiat currencies. I place this work in conversation with the centuries-old art practice of paper trompe l’oeil, which at times spoke to an equivalent skepticism towards paper as a new monetary medium in 18th-century Europe as the world of finance grew increasingly immaterial and mobile. These seemingly unlikely pairings accentuate ruptures and unveil continuities between the contemporary moment and two different but, I hope to show, not wholly unrelated historical periods: the cementing of postmodern consumer capitalism and the emergence of the modern paper economy.

The full article(s) can be accessed here.

Congratulations, Nadia!