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Leili Adibfar and the Didaar Art Collective open Space: Chapter One A Juried Exhibition of Drawing and Printmaking at Oliva Gallery


This juried show exhibits the practices of a group of emerging Iranian artists who, with the exception of the few, live across Iran. The selecting of the works by the jury members is informed by the variety of their expertise, interests, and viewpoints. The range of the works selected for the show visualizes the perception or an idea of space in its personal and social connotations in addition to its usual physical and phenomenological attributes. From interior landscapes to exterior environments, from the engagement with the dematerialized virtual space to the struggles for finding an actual place to live in exile or at home, space in these works is visualized in various ways through which artists contemplate and form their interior self in relation to the influences and effects of the external space. This could be an engagement with the sense of belonging or not belonging to a space, yearning for a (utopian) space, and/or striving to realize ambiguous relations with a space.