Sep 17 2020

Shiben Banerji – SAIC lunchtime talk, “Indigenous and Migrant”

SAIC Decolonizing Art History: Research under Lockdown

September 17, 2020

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM




Chicago, IL 60612

Friend of the department Shiben Banerji (Asst. Prof. at SAIC) will be giving a lunchtime talk via Zoom as part of SAIC's Decolonizing Art History series. From Shiben:

On Thursday the 17th of September, I will be presenting as part of an ongoing art history colloquium at SAIC on the need to link teaching and research on art to struggles for racial justice.

My talk will exploit a productive tension between politics and historiography: between the political need to designate certain peoples as indigenous, and the historical need to recover precolonial theories of selfhood that produce the experience of migration as constitutive of a sense of self. I hope you can join the conversation on the 17th.
We begin at Noon. My remarks will last 30 minutes, leaving us at least as much time to converse. We meet online:
Additional details can be found on the attached flyer.


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Sep 15, 2020

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Sep 15, 2020